2014 Qur'an Classes

The Qur'an classes are divided into six sequential courses, each building on the previous.

Student are tested by a qualified tutor and assigned to the appropriate level.

Course I : Noorania

Noorania Program is the essential first step to learn and read the Holy Qur'an with the appropriate accent and Tajweed. The Noorania program contains almost all prononciation rules and is therefore the first most important step toward a successful recitation and memorization of the Holy Qur'an.

Course II : Recitation With Tajweed

Recitation with Tajweed enables a student to pronounce Arabic letters correctly in Qur'an context. Recitation with Tajweed course has been especially designed for students who have no difficulties reading Qur'an but have a problem in pronouncing letters correctly. 

Course III : Memorization

For most student of knowledge, memorization of Qur'an is an ultimate achievement by which they they seek to please Allah SWT. Join us at the iaaequranlab.com state of art lab, and get closer to your spiritual goals.

Our students love Quran.

Learning and recitating The Holy Book is one of the most loved and appreciated aspect of our curriculum. Please help us keep the Quran lab open donating toward its running expenses.

Jazakum Allahu Kahyran.

Easy To Start

Qur'an Lab has a unique mechanism that starts you on your goals right away. In just few clicks you can register for your 1st class.


Great Support

In addition to comprehensive documentation and videos, you also get support from our friendly Hafidths and the forum, and the dedicated sheikh.

ASL Welcome

Natives and non Arabic speakers welcome! Qur'an Lab is founded in the States by highly qualified educators. We are well acquainted with these challenges and have refined over the years a unique curriculum for them.

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