Please find Below a list of our faculty:


Sh. Tariq Mango 

Sh. Tariq Mango was awarded an Ijaza with Sanad in the Qira'aa of Hafs 'an 'Assem 'an Tareeq Ash-shatibiyyah in 2003. He has been working in Isllamic associations for over 10 years. Presently, Sheikh of Qur'an Lab, he also delivers Khutbah and weekly lessons in the Birmingham Islamic Society, and actively working as teacher of Qur'an Sciences at the Islamic Academy of Alabama.

He will teach Noorania Rules, Tajweed Rules and memorization.


Sr. Rana Al-Khatib  

Sr. Al-Khatib by the grace of Allah swt, completed the memorization of the Quran in 2010.  She was awarded an Ijaza with Sanad in the Qira'aa of Hafs 'an 'Assem 'an Tareeq Ash-shatibiyyah in 2014. She has been active in education for many years as a certified teacher in secondary science and has over fifteen years of teaching experience in the field. Currently Sr. Rana Al-Khatib is a graduate student in the area of instructional leadership at Samford.

Sr. Khatib will be welcoming new students to the Tajweed and memorization courses. 


Dr. Malik Karassi

Dr. Malik Karassi is very well known Hafidh and respected doctor in the great Birmingham Muslim community. He is in charge of Tajweed curriculum and memorization. 


Sr Abeer Ashori

Abeer Ashouri is an experienced teacher. She worked as an Arabic and Islam religion as well as a Tajweed and Quran teacher in the Islamic academy of Alabama. Duties for this position include designing student curriculum(s), assessing students, preparing lesson plans and teaching and reinforcing subject content. She has also worked as a home school teacher for eleven years. Teaching the Islamic religion, Quran recitation skills and the Arabic language..

Our students love Quran.

Learning and recitating The Holy Book is one of the most loved and appreciated aspect of our curriculum. Please help us keep the Quran lab open donating toward its running expenses.

Jazakum Allahu Kahyran.

Easy To Start

Qur'an Lab has a unique mechanism that starts you on your goals right away. In just few clicks you can register for your 1st class.


Great Support

In addition to comprehensive documentation and videos, you also get support from our friendly Hafidths and the forum, and the dedicated sheikh.

ASL Welcome

Natives and non Arabic speakers welcome! Qur'an Lab is founded in the States by highly qualified educators. We are well acquainted with these challenges and have refined over the years a unique curriculum for them.

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